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Miracles do happen!!

In september something very strange happened. Do you have time? Can I tell you the story?

My oldest horse, 44 years old and called Nonnina (means Little Granny) has been having little attacks of “alzheimers” lately. She acts very confused and lost sometimes. So Monday my Vet/Osteopath came and was going to take some blood out, enrich it with ozone and then IV it back into her. Hoping to bring oxygen supply to the brain. Well, Monday morning, Nonnina who had spend the Sunday in the barn, was behaving like a 3 year old when I took her out to the paddock to her friends in the morning.

She was bucking and cantering and full of energies. When the Vet arrived we decided that Nonnina was not in need of this treatment ...yet. He looked after a few other horses and at around 3pm I asked him to still do a little check up on her, just to be save (heart, lungs etc.) Her pulse was a bit slow but it always is slower then the one of the other horses. She looked kind of tired so I put her in the barn and in she went without complaining. But then...she did not want to eat and started symptoms of colic.

Now I got worried. I took her out to walk around a bit because she was full of gas. A few minutes later Nonnina decided to lay down because she was soooo very tired. (Nonni had never done this before).

We ran for blankets, covered her all up and stayed with her. She seeked the hand that stroked her and layed very still. After another 2 hours (by then its dark,cold and humid) she pees herself, her gums are going pale and her eyes are getting very glazy. This it - it we thought. What do we do ? Considering her age was time for her to go, it was getting colder and I didn't want for her to be cold or suffer in any way. We decided would be a miracle for her to snap out of that and miricals just don't happen. All I wanted for her to go peacefully with no pain or discomfort, so the Vet went to his car to prepare the finally shoots. Not five minutes after he left, Daffy, Nonninas companion, calls out to her. She got up, answered his call and took a major pee. MIRICALS DO HAPPEN !!!

She has been Daffys shadow for the following 3 days and has been getting stronger and stronger. Today she is back to her usual self, eating normal and being more independent from Daffy. She needed his energie...but now she has her own back.

Now I always know when Nonnina is not feeling well. Whenever she is glued to her friend Daffy and he walks around looking like a horse with 8 legs. The better she feels, the more she disattaches from him.