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Benvenuti al

Welcome to

EZ's Place / Zedan Ranch - Horse Rescue Shelter

EZ's Place is a non profit organisation
run by Evelyne and her volunteers

EZ's Place defines his mission to restore the horses, especially older horses that have been a victim of abuse,
and gives them a new home, proper care and affection.
EZ's Place is inscribed with the number 727 into the registry of Odv generals of Friuli Venezia Giulia by tge DPReg 91 of 21.05.2014.

 Our philosophy is, to give a horse who comes to us a "Second Chance "
since in the past he gave so much, maybe more than he was capable of giving.
This all takes place it in a loving, stress free environment which values
and respects all living creatures.
In faith and hope

However, we always (really,really!!) need help with...



-brushing, massaging and socializing with the horses
-taking them for walks to eat grass
-loving and hugging them
-fixing fences
-caring for their welfare
-repair and fixer upper .....
-running water pipes
-building shelters for the animals


Can`t come to the ranch to volunteer?
There are other ways to help!
Be A Sponsor!

Thank you for taking the time