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My week-end with Linda Tellington-Jones
                        who's method has helped so many of our shelter horses find trust and health again

Linda has agreed to be the Guardian Angel of  EZ's Place / Horse Rescue Shelter

Linda Tellington-Jones


Linda says: everybody is talking about the "horse whisperes",
its time we began to listen to the whispers of our horses.

TTeam Training Course
12-14 September 2008
San Tomaso di Majano (Ud) Italy

May the course begin...

Linda & part of her Team

Linda Tellington-Jones
Linda's TTouch relaxes horses instantly
Linda Tellington-Jones
There is a problem...?

Lets go fix it !

At 71 years of age  she stills
rides any horse that needs her
help and/or attention

For further information click on :

Linda Tellington-Jones

lThank you Linda !

Linda Tellington-Jones
                                    end of course...
rider and horse tired, but very content