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Mr. Salami

Reward, aka "Mr. Salami" was rescued out of a rabbit cage in which he had lived all his life. . He could hardly walk and was very frightened. He smelled like an old Salami, so we named him Mr. Salami.
Mr. Salami got adopted by the Brock Family...he won the lottery!

Hello Evelyne.
It was good to hear from you.  Actually we had been thinking of you also lately.  Reward made the airplane trip fine.  It wasn't pretty when we got him out but within a few days he was his old self again.  We moved around a lot when we first got here and he adapted better than anyone expected.  Due to the Texas heat he had to get a hair cut  and we discovered how tiny he really was.  He quickly became the favorite dog of the neighborhood constantly having his admirers stop in to say hi.  Unfortunately, a few weeks ago we came home to find that Reward had died in one of his favorite napping areas.  The vet assured us that he had lived a long life (his guess was around 93 in human years) and that he probably died in his sleep.  Reward changed our family  and everyone else that heard his story,  not a day goes by that he is not missed.
The pictures are of our one year celebration of the day we brought him home.  Since we didn't know his birthday we decided that was a good day to celebrate.  He had a 'Sombrero' party hat for the occasion.  These pictures make us all smile.
God Bless,
Tina Brock

Mr.Salami   Mr.Salami    Mr.Salami